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We miss you, come back! 5 music bands that split and left fans shattered

By Winnie Mabel November 6th, 2023 3 min read

In the entertainment scene, there are times when great singers come together to form bands that excel beyond their wildest imagination or society’s expectations. They end up creating music that resonates with audiences worldwide and become known for their melodies in the genre they chose.

Yet, amid their glory, some music bands make the bittersweet decision to part ways, leaving behind a trail of timeless hits and indelible memories. Some bands transition from harmonious collaborations to divergent paths, with members either setting out on solo careers or pursuing entirely different paths and industries.

This is the story of bands that, for a time, stood on the precipice of greatness before making the pivotal choice to embark on new journeys, both within and beyond the realm of music. Nairobi News brings you five such bands who made this tough decision and continue to be missed by their fans:

  1. Kelptomaniax- From Tuendelee, Haree, and Furahia to Magnetic and Psycho, this hip-hop group ruled the Kenyan music scene in the early 2000s. Nyashinski, Collo, and Robert were the standard but then, decisions were made, and the group split. Nyashinski left for greener pastures abroad, Collo released solo music and not much was heard from Robert. Today, Nyashinski rules the airwaves and concert halls with his exhilarating performances, Collo releases gospel music and not much is heard from Robert again. We would love to see them release new music together again, though.
  2. Tatu- Angela Mwandanda, Angie Ndambuki, and Debbie Asila were the it girl band during their time. They released club bangers and collaborated with top names in the Kenyan music scene. However, the group decided to split and pursue different careers. One went into blue-collar corporate work, another joined the media and another continued releasing her music as a solo artist. However, new music hasn’t been forthcoming for years now. In a past interview, Ms Angela said a reunion was always on the table but scheduling and distance between the former bandmates made discussions be shelved for years on end.
  3. Camp Mulla- The rich kids of Kenya. That’s what they became known as. A group of five kids from affluent homes joined together to release unexpected music in Kenya. The Hip Hop group released music similar to what Americans released and their audio and video quality was top-notch. However, at the peak of their career, the group split circa 2013. Miss Karun left the country for her university education while another member opted for a solo career. This marked the beginning of the end of the band. Party Don’t Stop was one of their biggest hit and I’m sure Kenyans wouldn’t mind another banger like it.
  4. Blu 3- The Ugandan trio of ladies made up of Cindy Sanyu, Lillian Mbambazi, and Jackie Chandiru made their name when Coke Studio ran a competition for musicians and grouped the three as their Ugandan band. The ladies released great music including Mutima Gwange and Nsanyuka Nawe that went viral beyond Ugandan borders. However, in 2009, after five years together, the band split. Internal issues were cited as the reasons for the split and reunion became difficult. Today, the ladies pursue solo singing careers and all have their brand in the entertainment scene.
  5. Sauti Sol- Kenya’s beloved boyband is on its last leg after announcing a decision to split. After 18 years of capturing the hearts of Kenyans and global audiences including presidents, the band decided to step back indefinitely from collaborative projects as a band. They, however, clarified that they were not breaking up as a group or business but needed time to refresh themselves as musical individuals. They are currently hosting their final concerts in Kenya having held their VIP final concert on November 2, 2023, and their final concert for all fans was held on November 4, 2023.

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