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We say no; Kenyans oppose proposed road inside Nairobi National Park

Kenyans online have opposed the proposed construction of an access road through the Nairobi National Park.

The road is intended to provide access to the inland container depot in Embakasi.

A notice by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) invited the public to give comments and assist the authority in making a decision.

“We have received report on the above project pursuant to laid down regulations. Members of the public have upto April 28 to assist the Authority in the decision making process for this project,” a notice by Nema Director General read in part.

Kenyans online unanimously opposed the plan urging Nema not to okay the road construction.

Some however noted that the authority previously ignored their concerns and okayed the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway through the park.

The proposed access road is part of the three routes into the inland container depot and will be 4.153km long connecting to the Southern Bypass road along the inner boundary of the Nairobi National Park.

@kuisanmacharia wrote a thread urging Kenyans to speak up one more time and chose national heritage over the project.

“For too long the fight for our environment has been led by foreigners. When do we say enough is enough! When do we raise our voices? We owe this to ourselves & our children. Our Natural Heritage should not be up for sale this easily. So take up the challenge. Write to @NemaKenya and say NO to this road. #SaveNNP,” @kuisanmacharia wrote.

Kenyans have been invited to comment about the plan by writing to Nema on

@_PKim_ tweeted, “Sometimes I get confused…is the government so bend on destruction of our country with the illogical decisions they make or I’m I (are we) the one(s) who don’t see the bigger picture in their ideas.”

@thekaronya added, “True! It’s like Kenya is participating in a #MediocrityChallenge we know nothing about. Some decisions are dumbfounding! ??.”

@duncans_twitt stated, “This Park is priceless. None other in the world exists as this one. I bet my life, no western country can ever destroy such a park if they had one on such a location.”

@PatrickWamalw11 wrote, “I miss wangari maathai. She saved uhuru, we have to save Nairobi Park. Let us mobilise massively so that on the day of construction it is a battle ground. Tear gas, women strip naked and other things which I don’t want to mention here. A million March to NEMA offices saying NO.”

@duncans_twitt added, “The cartels using all tricks. Once a road is built here, and kiosks start springing up all over, it’s finished.”

@Tee04Jay tweeted, “That ploy to use lions to announce the park unsafe didn’t work.. They are now using power.”

@AnnabelOnyando lamented, “Too tired to even care, guys clearly understood what was at stake with this govt in power. Can’t have my BP high for 5 years while they are in power. The time for action was at the ballot. You get what you voted for and could not stand against.”

@EmmyLorete wondered, “I say no though I wonder if things will change…looks to me like there is no turning back.”

@WaithiraLeez wrote, “Naona wale hawajawahi enda national park, nature walk etc, waende na wapeleke watoto. At this rate, there won’t be a park to visit so go on, take as many pics as possible and keep the memories for your kids.”

@mohonde7 stated, “We CANNOT let this happen.”

@trish_mo tweeted, “It’s a painful realisation. We are writing to NEMA to tell them how to do their job? But why? Seriously! This is insane. #SaveNNP.”

@legrandespirit wrote, “The tourists who come to visit us have better trains and roads, but don’t have a national park like ours. Take that away, and let’s see what their need to be in Nairobi would be. We say NO to that proposal.”