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We smell money! Kenyan TikToker urged to sue French company illegally using her image

By Winnie Mabel January 16th, 2023 2 min read

A Kenyan woman on TikTok by the moniker Sunflower Child was tickled silly when she discovered a French company was using her image to sell their products.

In the TikTok video seen by Nairobi News on January 16, 2023, Sunflower recorded herself laughing at how her image was used as she wondered where the person in the advert was going. Her image was used for marketing a long, wavy headband wig.

“A random French brand on Amazon took my photo and photoshopped this wig on me. Heh, they did me dirty with this wig!” Sunflower captioned the video as she added audio that asked, “Who is this? And where is she going?”

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In her comment section, many told them they could see her making a lot of money from this unauthorized use of her image, as some asked her when they could accompany her to buy a Lamborghini.

“I smell compensation…and a lot of wine,” laughed Nicholas7326.

“When do you want us to accompany you as you go for those Euros in France?” asked Waceke.

“Just talk and work with them, don’t sue,” Jacky Wambo01 advised.

“Plot twise: You have a long lost twin sister,” laughed Wairimu Wamuyu.

“This is big money, get yourself a lawyer,” advised Schyroh.

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“And just like that you are going to be paid millions. All you have to do is look for a lawyer,” said Mukhavani.

“Wow, congrats dear, wish you success,” added another user.

“This is good. Praise the Lord. Money has brought itself,” said Warda S.

“Let them give you brand ambassador money so that we can party after party,” added Mell B.

“God has brought you free money, look for a lawyer,” said Josina 40.

“Maybe there is a French woman that would wear that horrible wig that looks like you,” laughed Petite Ndu.

“This is identity thest. I’m smelling a house in Lamu with the dollars you’d pull,” added Nje.

“Sue them girl. This is youe year to get rich and don’t forget me please,” said Thee Unbothered Princess.

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