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Wealthy Kenyans increase appetite for Mercedes, Porsche and Range Rover

Wealthy Kenyans have increased orders for luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Range Rover by 73 percent in the three months to March, defying the general slowdown in economic activity in Quarter One.

Data from the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI) shows that dealers sold a total of 45 units of the high-end cars in the review period compared to 26 units a year earlier.

The jump in sales came in a period when Kenya’s economy had experienced little effects of the coronavirus pandemic, given the bulk of movement restrictions started to apply from the end of March, when the country had 59 Covid-19 cases compared to the current 607 as of Thursday.

The purchase of luxury cars was a better performance compared to the overall new vehicle market that saw sales slump 1.6 percent over the same period to 2,698 units from 2,741 units.

Mercedes-Benz (whose franchise is held by DT Dobie) was the top-selling luxury brand at 17 units in the first quarter, up from 13 units a year earlier.