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Weaponized Pregnancy: How men ‘trap’ women

It’s no news to hear that a woman has trapped a man into a relationship or marriage with pregnancy, but how often do you hear a man trapping a woman with pregnancy? 

Let me draw you a picture. Men are known to be naturally possessive and when they are in love with a woman, they tend to get territorial with them and in a sense want to keep them as “theirs”.

When the woman, on the other hand, is not in love with the man and chooses to call it quits on the relationship, the man has to think of ways to convince her otherwise, and in this case, what better way to do that other than giving her a baby?

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Weaponized pregnancy. A grand scheme by men to trap women with a child. For the longest time, men have had it for women saying that they are the ones who try to trap them with pregnancy, but the way I see it, it takes two to tangle and men have just been playing the victim card. 

Putting it plainly, men act as if women are ‘sperm bandits’, just lying in wait to seize every opportunity to get pregnant. Men maintain that as the greatest gift to womankind, they have to be wary of all women scheming and plotting to ‘trap’ them.

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I for one have never bought into the idea of female trapping as a common occurrence. To state the obvious, sex takes two people, and so does conception. This simple concept means everyone has a responsibility to safeguard themselves from both pregnancy and STIs. If pregnancy occurs, then there was some kind of negligence involved from both parties.

What I’m saying is, you cannot refuse to wear a condom or participate in contraception, and then act surprised and bamboozled when a pregnancy happens. You leave it all up to your sexual partner, then self-righteously blame her for the fallout? That’s just poor decision-making.

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However, looking at it from the opposite side where women have similarly been trapped with pregnancy, it has come to the attention of many that women, just as men, have fallen victim to the same damned fate.

In a Tiktok trend that has been going around the internet under the hashtag #weaponized pregnancy, women have come out to share their experiences and near misses with their former lovers where they tried to trap them with a child. 

Check out the videos below: