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Weasel: Someone is trying to ‘grab’ the late Radio’s land

Ugandan artiste Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has claimed that there is a plot to grab a piece of land belonging to his fallen colleague Moses Ssekibogo famously known as Mowzey Radio.

Weasel, who partnered Radio for almost a decade in what was a hugely successful music career, spoke while appearing as a guest on a talk show at Galaxy FM in Kampala.

“My late brother has land in Busabala but someone is trying to sell it off because they have already barricaded it,” he said.

But he has vowed not rest until the property is secured for Radio’s children.


Radio died in February 2018, after succumbing to injuries sustained in a brawl at an entertainment joint in Kampala.

Interestingly, Weasel’s comments sharply differ with those of Radio’s mother who claimed in a recent interview that his famous son left the family with ‘nothing’.

“He was our sole bread provider that’s why his death hit me so hard. His children are no longer going to school because of lack of school fees. His siblings too are seated at home because Moses didn’t leave is any possessions, not any buildings but only his songs. We hope to get his money when his songs are released and hopefully it helps,” said the mother.

Radio is survived by two baby mamas and three children.