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Weatherman: Brace yourselves for cold season

The Kenya Meteorological Department has asked Kenyans to prepare for cold seasons and rains with the end of La Nina marked with long droughts.

In a statement, Dr David Gikungu, the Director of Kenya Meteorological Department, said the recent multi-year La Niña event has ended, and that the country is now welcoming El Nino which will be marked with cold and rains.

“El Niño is often associated with heavy rains and floods especially in East Africa. It is important to note that El Niño itself is not rain, but rather an effect that can impact weather patterns and lead to heavier than normal rainfall in East Africa,” Dr Gikungu said.

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He further explained that El Niño and La Niña events, which are collectively referred to as the El Niño–Southern Oscillation or ENSO, are driven by changes in sea surface temperatures (SST) over the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

During El Niño, he said, the temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean become warmer than average, while La Niña is characterized by cooler than average sea surface temperatures in the same regions.

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The cold season is expected to begin in June to mid-July. During that period, light showers will also be experienced.

Most parts of the country have been experiencing heavy rains since April with floods reported in several parts of the country.

In Nairobi, heavy rains has resulted in traffic gridlock, flooded roads and blocked drainages.

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