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Website mocking ‘tourist’ Uhuru ‘shut down after pressure from above’

A website that was recently launched to mock President Uhuru Kenyatta’s frequent trips abroad has been brought down after what critics claim is pressure from government.

The website,, is hosted by Kenic, who have since denied the reports. “Kindly note that we did not take the  domain down at all. The domain is still active,” Kenic tweeted Monday evening through it’s official Twitter handle, @KenicTLD.

After logging in, a user was met with a screaming “NO” answer. That message was missing on Monday.

The site was registered on December 4 following questions from Kenyans on the value of the President’s endless trips abroad.

BEFORE AND AFTER: The website was shut down allegedly by orders 'from above.'
BEFORE AND AFTER: The website was shut down allegedly by orders ‘from above.’


President Kenyatta has so far been on 43 taxpayer-funded trips. Mr Kibaki did 33 in 10 years.

Tech website, reports that its questions to the hosting company established that the website portrayed the President in a negative context, which is why it was taken down on orders from a top manager at the hosting company.

“We also sought clarification from EAC Directory, who were willing to give the name of the domain owner but were unwilling to divulge on the circumstances under which the domain was brought down. They, however, said they contacted the domain owner and informed them of the decision to take down the site,” reports the site.

Twitter user Tom Makau (@tommakau) said: “So @KenicTLD has again proven why local hosting and KE ccTLD domains are a waste of time. Deregistering a domain coz powers-that-be said so?”

Blogger’s Association of Kenya Chairman Kennedy Kachwanya added: “Deleting domain due to pressure from above is not good for Kenic and their effort to encourage people to register domains.”