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Weed smoker who peed on food vendor’s utensils charged with offensive conduct

By Joseph Ndunda November 19th, 2019 1 min read

A middle-aged man who peed on a food vendor’s utensils after she ignored his insults on Monday denied charges of offensive conduct, claiming he was not sober.

Andrew Githua Kihara was charged at the Makarada Law Courts with offensive conduct after hurling unprintable expletives at Nancy Njoki at her food stall in Eastleigh, Nairobi on November 8.

Kihara is said to have arrived at Njoki’s stall and lit two rolls of bhang. He than told her to get out if she was offended by the weed smoke.

He is said to have later called her a prostitute and hurled obscenities at her, telling her he is untouchable because his mother is wealthy and can buy him freedom.

On realizing Njoki was not bothered by his insults, the suspect is said to have incited customers against buying from Njoki’s stall and went ahead to urinate on several items inside the premises.

He also reportedly dared her to report the incident to the police.

Kihara was freed on a cash bail of Sh5,000. The case will be heard from March 18, 2020.