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Week three at TPF 6

Psst…Tusker Project Fame Season 6 entered its third week and unlike the opening gala night which was poorly attended, the house was this time round packed.

At around 6:30pm we started making our way to the arena ready for the show.

As we waited for it to start, we got our first surprise from a dude called Mwangi who works for Citizen TV.

He had his own kind of TPF. He had 20 tickets to give for free for next week’s show.

His catch? You had to sing to the audience who were to decide if you get it or not. It was a good way of keeping them occupied.

And as the time drew nearer, the judges plus the hosts made their way to the stage. They also witnessed the Mwangi moment. Judge Ian Mbugua ended up winning a date with two ladies.

Host Dr Mitch, being mischievous as always, decided to have the last laugh and went on to burst a move after a few dares from co-host Joey Muthengi.

The playlist for the contestants was chosen by Eric Musyoka who has produced songs for artistes such as Eric Wainaina, Nameless, Nonini, P-Unit among others.

It was a night to decide whether the ‘ghost or rather the curse of Nameless’ would be lifted since Musyoka decided to give Amos and Josh to do a rendition of the song Deadly.

Take not that there has never been a contestant in TPF that has done a Nameless song and lived to see the next week in the academy.

The duo miraculously aced the song, with the crowd going crazy after they finished.

However, the night always has to end on a sad note as some of the singers have to be put on probation to fight for a chance to remain in the academy.

After last week’s eviction that saw Kenya having one of its own being shown the door, this week is no different as Jennifer and the Duke from Rongai Fess are the two Kenyans on the chopping board.

They join Fiona from Rwanda and Angel from Tanzania. The contestants are mighty talented and I can foresee a very difficult end in naming the winner.