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Weezdom: I almost became an alcoholic after breaking up with Mylee

Former gospel artiste Weezdom has disclosed that he fell into depression after he  broke up with his ex-girlfriend Mylee Staicey.

Weezdom has also revealed how he turned to illicit drugs for comfort and happiness after the breakup.

“The past one and a half years, I found myself in a situation where I got into depression unknowingly. I won’t disclose the exact reasons that lead me into depression but they were things disturbing my mind every morning to evening,” the artiste said.

He further disclosed that he would get extremely drunk and that he chose to distance himself from his close friends and family.

“When I was feeling stressed I always wanted to be alone and my only refuge was using something I wasn’t using before. I used to drink a lot of alcohol… I never used to choose the type of alcohol I would take as long as it had a fast effect. So I never wanted to drink beer as I’ve ever drunk 15 bottles of beer and I was still sober… That had been my life for the better part of the past one and a half years,” he recounted.

Weezdom also said he had already fallen into depression while he was still working with singer Bahati.

“I would get extremely drunk because I had a lot on my mind,” he said.

It was only when his heavy drinking started affecting his career that he realized he was in a bad place.

“It got to a point even my career was getting affected and my close ones were noticing a toxic pattern that they got worried about my wellbeing. Staicey was always called to be asked of my whereabouts because I had disappeared for almost a month with no form of communication.”

Weezdom and Mylee broke up in October last year after they had rekindled their love following a previous breakup. The two had been in an on-and-off relationship until they went their separate ways.