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Wema Sepetu denies squandering Big Brother winner Idris Sultan’s Sh38m prize money

Bongo movie actress, Wema Sepetu, has called on her ex-boyfriend, Idris Sultan, to come to her defence over allegations that she milked him of his Sh38 million winnings from a popular reality TV show.

Wema began a love affair with the celebrity influencer just weeks after he emerged winner of the Big Brother Africa Hot-Shots reality show in 2014, walking away with the $300,000 prize money.

The winnings continue to haunt Sultan, who admitted he failed to put the colossal sum to good use, squandering the money on women and living on the fast lane while it lasted.

Of his many companions when his pockets were deep with winnings, Wema continues to bear the brunt of the blame as fans accuse her of squandering Sultan’s hard-earned cash.

“It hurts me a lot when people troll and accuse me of squandering his money. I never took a single shilling from him. If I got anything from him, it was a gift of Tom Ford perfume, nothing else, and he can testify to that. He knows how he wasted his money, I wasn’t part of it. The one who enjoyed the money was Samantha when they were together, not me. Wema says.

The actress claims the allegations have also come as a shock to Idris as the two still enjoy a cordial relationship despite going their separate ways.

“Even he himself is surprised why I am always accused of milking his money. It’s just that he can’t come out publicly to defend me because we are no longer together, but I think it would be wise of him to come out and put all these accusations to rest by setting the record straight,” Wema adds.

After leaving Big Brother, Idris immediately began a romantic relationship with South African Samantha Jansen, a Big Brother contestant he met and fell in love with when the two took part in the reality show.

Samantha would briefly move to Tanzania, but their relationship lasted less than a year, with the couple splitting up in 2015. Idris then began an affair with Wema, but they split in 2016.