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Wema Sepetu: I added weight during my struggle to get a baby

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has revealed how she added weight, which she later shed, while trying to conceive.

Speaking to Clouds FM, the beauty queen said that some of the medication she took to regulate her hormones impacted her health.

“People know how I have struggled to get a baby; my happiness will be complete when I get a baby. I added weight in my struggle to get a baby, I used to take a lot of medicine that had side effects on my hormones. The side effects were adding weight,” she said.

Wema said that while taking the medication, she developed an infection that could have put her at risk of getting cancer if not treated early.

She also refuted claims that she had undergone a tummy tuck in India.

Wema said she travelled to India to seek treatment for her infertility and she was advised to cut weight to increase her chances of conceiving since she had a lot of fat around her uterus that was making the process difficult.

She also explained how she lost the excess weight.

“I took pills and I underwent treatment for six months. It’s about food and lifestyle. I had counselling and therapy,” she said.