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Wema Sepetu seeks solace in alcohol after mother scolded her in public

Tanzanian model and actress, Wema Sepetu, recently shared her candid thoughts about a distressing family incident that unfolded during her birthday celebration.

Wema Sepetu, renowned for her glamorous presence in the entertainment industry, found herself at the heart of an unexpected family drama that has since captured the town’s attention.

The unsettling episode occurred during Wema’s birthday celebration, where friends and loved ones had gathered to commemorate her special day.

What should have been a joyous occasion took a turn for the uncomfortable when her mother, Mariam Sepetu, took the stage to address the attendees.

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Mariam Sepetu, Wema’s mother, chose this moment to confront her daughter about her relationship with her boyfriend, Whozu, and the very public announcement of their engagement.

The source of her mother’s displeasure stemmed from Wema introducing Whozu as her fiancé in a public setting without prior acknowledgment from the family.

Wema Sepetu with her bae Whozu. Inset: Wema with her mother, Mariam Sepetu. PHOTO| COURTESY

It was a breach of traditional norms and expectations that left her mother visibly upset.

In an exclusive interview with Furaha FM, Wema Sepetu opened up about the emotional turmoil she experienced following the incident.

She revealed that she had been grappling with mixed emotions in the aftermath.

“My mother talked about things that did not please her as a mother. She spoke about the dynamics of cohabitation between men and women. She chose to address these issues in front of everyone during my birthday celebration. Her intentions were good, but the platform she used was not the right one,” Wema explained.

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Wema, who had previously announced her decision to quit alcohol, shared that the dramatic incident had caused her to relapse.

Her boyfriend had been instrumental in her journey to sobriety, but when her mother’s confrontation escalated, he left in anger, leaving her feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

“My boyfriend played a significant role in helping me quit alcohol. He did not want me to drink and took on the role of coaching and supporting me. However, after my mother and my boyfriend left without bidding each other goodbye, I was left alone and didn’t know what to do. Regrettably, I turned to alcohol,” Wema admitted.

The emotional toll of the incident was not limited to Wema alone, as her boyfriend and his family were equally affected by the fallout.

Despite the damage caused, Wema said she remains determined to move forward and focus on personal growth and healing.

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