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Wema Sepetu gets sympathy from sex video ex-boyfriend

The man who landed bongo flava actress Wema Sepetu in trouble over a leaked sex video has jumped into her defense.

Since Monday, Wema has been the guest of the state after a court in Dar es Salaam directed that she be remanded in custody for seven days after she went against the bond terms.

Wema is battling a court case in which she has been accused of broadcasting the said sex video online.


In the video, Wema was filmed making out in bed with her ex-fiancé, a Burundian identified as Patrick but popularly known as PCK.

Wema ended up having a nasty breakup with Patrick, who she once described as her ‘future husband’ after the video went public.

The former Miss 2006 accused PCK of leaking the video and conning her some significant amount of money.

PCK would later flee Tanzania and return to Burundi after the police started pursuing him over numerous complaints from high profile people including MPs that he had conned them.

Since returning home, PCK had been exchanging bitter words with Wema on social media over their troubled relationship.


However, on Tuesday PCK showed solidarity with Wema saying he was deeply hurt with the news of her being sent to jail over what transpired between them.

“Pole sana but nimapito, hili litapita be strong. Nmeumia sana na kilichotokea but naamini jela sio mwisho wa life yatapita na utakuwa tu strong,” PCK said.

Idris Sultan, another of Wema’s many ex-boyfriends, is among several celebrities and fans who have sent the actress encouraging words during this period.