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Wema Sepetu shares marriage plans

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu says she is hoping to settle down soon.

While also suggesting she might have found her mister right, Sepetu also opened up on plans for an elaborate wedding to mark the start of married life.

She made the comments in an interview E-Digital, adding she spends part of her time thinking about her wedding.

“There comes a time I really wish for that and as a woman it’s a must for you to feel that because my age allows me that. I spare time to think about my marriage life.

She further revealed that she will fundraise for her wedding.

“Trust me during my wedding people will have to contribute I can’t do my wedding without contributions from people. I have contributed towards so many weddings why not mine? She posed.

Her dream wedding should be classy, simple, beautiful and exquisite.

Wema who once dated musician Diamond Platnumz and the later actor Steven Kanumba shared a short version of the interview on her Instagram.

She captioned it, “Jamani Natamani Kuolewa… Yaani nimetamani tu Harusi…. Na iwe maridadi… Fikra ya mimi kuvaa nguo ya harusi, watu wamependeza… Chakula, vinywaji na muziki mzuri … Daaaaah… Bibi Harusi nipo, Tatizo ni Bwana Harusi…. Bado hajajitokeza.”

(I really want to be married. I’ve envied having a beautiful wedding of my own. Thoughts of what I’d wear on that day, people looking amazing; food, drinks and good music daaah….the bride is there the problem is the bridegroom has not yet revealed himself)

In 2006 after she was declared Miss Tanzania, Wema dated Tanzanian singer Khalid Mohamed alias TID. the actress was the inspiration behind one of his biggest hits, ‘Nyota Yangu’ that rocked the airwaves about a decade ago.

The 34-year-old has also dated Chaz Baba, Ommy Dimpoz, Luis Munana, Idris Sultan and Calisah but just to mention.

During the 45 minutes’ interview Wema mentioned she was in a relationship with someone who was not in Tanzania, it was not clear if he was a Tanzania or a foreigner.