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Wema Sepetu to finally become a mother

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu’s dream to have a child is soon to become a reality after doctors gave her a clean bill of health.

The 31-year-old has been struggling to a have a child for the last 7 years.

She had wished to become a mother at the age of 24 but that never happened.

During that period, Wema has dated several men, gotten pregnant and twice lost the pregnancy due to miscarriage.

Her second miscarriage of twins, happened at the time she was dating former Big Brother winner Idris Sultan.

Sometime in August 2017, a despaired Wema, who has had to overcome trolls on social media for not being able to have a child, revealed that she intended to remove her uterus at the age of 30 if she wouldn’t have managed to get a child by then.

She then embarked on a journey to try and find out answers as to why she was having difficulties to have a child.


In August 2018, she visited a hospital in India where doctors discovered that she was suffering from Polycystic Ovarian disease which causes her ovaries to rapture hence inhibiting fertilization.

She was put on medication for about a year and according to her, the consultations with her doctors is that she is fully recovered and should be able to have a child as from next years, if she so wishes.

“Mwanzo nilisema nikifika umri wa miaka 30 kama sijapata mtoto, itanilazimu kufunga kizazi lakini madaktari wameniambia ninaweza kupata ujauzito kuanzia Januari mwaka ujao. Awali waliniambia siwezi kupata mtoto kwa sababu mfuko wa kizazi ulikuwa umejaa mafuta pia kulikuwa na vitundu ambavyo vilisababisha mbegu za uzazi zishindwe kupevuka,” Wema said.

Her inability to have a child is rumoured to have led to her breakup with singer Diamond Platnumz, who dumped her for socialite Zari Hassan, with whom he later had two kids before they separated.