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Wema Sepetu’s mother publicly scolds her for cohabiting with Whozu

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 29th, 2023 2 min read

Tanzanian actress and model, Wema Sepetu, found herself in an uncomfortable situation when her mother, Mariam Sepetu, confronted her for cohabiting with her boyfriend, Whozu, without formally introducing him to the family.

A video shared by a Tanzanian blogger captured the moment when Wema’s mother urged her daughter to show proper respect as a daughter.

The source of her anger stemmed from Wema introducing Whozu as her fiancé in a public setting without prior family acknowledgment.

“You must respect your mother as your daughter. You can’t simply introduce him to the public. First, come and inform your mother that you have a boyfriend, a fiancé. You don’t need to parade him around. I am your mother,” she asserted.

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Despite her stern words, Wema’s mother conveyed her affection for her daughter, emphasizing that she only wanted what was best for her, despite the disagreements.

“I am not trying to obstruct my daughter, but all I ask for is respect as her parent. After that, I genuinely wish her happiness, and I still hold a deep love for my daughter,” she expressed before embracing Wema.

This isn’t the first instance of Wema’s mother publicly embarrassing her. In 2018, she forcefully evicted her then-boyfriend from their home late at night.

Back then, Wema’s mother was infuriated by her daughter’s numerous relationships and her apparent reluctance to settle down in marriage.

Reports from a Tanzanian media outlet indicated that Mariam Sepetu, the mother, had been eager to see her 30-year-old daughter tie the knot, as Wema’s romantic involvements seem endless and hard to keep track of.

According to reports, Mariam recently stormed Wema’s residence in Mbezi Salasala, Dar es Salaam, and forcefully removed her then-boyfriend, Lawrence, known as Rahur, amidst loud and passionate outbursts.

In April 2023, Whozu said his pursuit of Wema began in 2019, and he patiently waited for three years before their romantic relationship officially began in April 2022.

Whozu also passionately professed his love for Wema Sepetu and shared that they were in the midst of planning their upcoming wedding.

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