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Wendy Kimani excited to be the first Kenyan musician to perform live in Israel

November 19th, 2016 2 min read

Kenya’s neo-soul singer Wendy Kimani will become the first Kenyan musician to ever perform live in Israel.

In an exclusive chat with Nairobi News the award nominated singer, actress and entertainer, whose shot to the limelight after finishing as the first runner-up in the second season of Tusker Project Fame, could not hide her joy.

She said she was humbled by the prospects of performing in Israel during this year’s Jamuhuri Day celebrations alongside Gilad Millo following an invitation from the Kenyan Embassy in Israel.

As a singer she is known for her songs, Haiwi Haiwi, Chali among others. She released her debut album titled My Essence in August 2013. As an actress she is known for starring in the critically acclaimed television series Rush.

Wendy relocated to Amsterdam after she married her long-term Dutch fiancé, Marvin Onderwater, in 9 August 2014 in Nairobi.

After relocating to Amsterdam, Wendy’s star has continued to shine due to her consistence and work ethic, which has resulted in a second collaboration with Gilad.

Through her, Africa has found an ambassador in Europe as she continues to gain acclaim scaling even greater musical heights and acting roles.

Here is what she had to say about her music, life and working with Gilad.

NN: You have worked with Gilad on two songs now, why him?

Wendy: Gilad and I have the same feel for music plus we sang together live for two years so it’s just so much fun making music together.

NN: Of the two songs you have sang together, what can you say has changed since the song Unajua?

Wendy: Unajua surprised us and made us want to dare more, a different video set in Amsterdam and a different stage in Israel.

NN: You have been silent for a while when are we going to hear from you doing your own work?

Wendy: I know I have been silent but I needed time to settle in this new country. But something is coming very soon.

NN: You have been invited to perform in Israel, how does that make you feel being a Kenyan and the first one to perform there?

Wendy: It’s really exciting to perform for a different audience. I can’t wait!

NN: Are you coming back to Kenya from Israel in December and will you give us a show with Gilad?

Wendy: Not sure yet, as I’ll be performing with some musicians in Amsterdam for a Christmas concert which I’m very excited about.

NN: What is your take on Gilad wearing t-shirts in all his music videos?

Wendy: Gilad is such a chill guy, he doesn’t need all that glitter and gold all over. Being himself is what has stolen the hearts of Kenyans. His voice is kila kitu (everything) and that’s real.