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Westgate anniversary: What you should do if caught up in a terror attack

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government in the Office of the President on Wednesday released a public service awareness message video on the 3rd anniversary of Westgate terror attack.

With the horrific memories of that fateful day, when 67 lives were lost still etched in the minds of Kenyans the government is letting the public know what to do in case of a similar occurrence.

Run, Hide or Fight, or simply RHF, is the message for Kenyans who could in such an unfortunate situation.

The video was posted on the Ministry’s official Twitter page and is a survival plan instructing and guiding the listener on which steps to take, complete with scenes from Westgate Mall attack.

It advises victims to run to the safest spot and not  stop to take pictures or selfies and if possible try and help others.

The other alternative option is to hide if there is no other option and if possible lock and barricade yourself. The video also advises those caught up in such situations to put their phone on silent mode and call the police.

As a final resort one should improvise weapons within their surroundings to fight the attackers if they can. Incapacitate the attacker and help each other because your survival depends on your reaction.