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Westgate four’s case heard in camera again

A case in which four people are facing charges related to the Westgate terrorism attack was heard in camera for a second time.

Prosecuting Counsel Mungai Warui renewed his application to have the witnesses give their evidence in camera, saying that only one had testified.

The prosecution further said the four were under the witness protection programme.

Mr Warui had told the court that the four witnesses sold a vehicle to people who would turn out to be suspected terrorists and who were still at large.

Camera witness

Defence lawyers did not object to the application by the prosecution to have its witnesses testify in camera.

Nairobi acting Chief Magistrate Daniel Ochenja on Tuesday allowed the application and directed that the court be cleared to leave only the involved parties.

During the last open court hearing of the case, a witness said that a human skull, jaw bones and 10 kilograms of flesh were recovered at the ground floor of Westgate Shopping Mall during investigations after the attack.

Anti-Terrorist Police Unit investigator Sergeant Ezekiel Luley said the recovered human remains were taken for forensic examination.

Mr Luley told the court that they also recovered seven firearms among them a G3 rifle and magazines. There were also three AK47 rifles attached to magazines, which were recovered at the same place on the ground floor.

Messrs Adan Abdikadir, Mohamed Abdi, Liban Abdullah and Hussein Hassan are accused of carrying out a terrorist attack on Westgate Shopping Mall on September 21, last year. 

Other charges that some of the accused are facing include giving support to a terrorist group and habouring persons committing a terrorist acts.

Mid last month, the court for the second time declined to release the accused on bond fearing they might be lynched by the public.

Mr Ochenja had said the safety of the accused would be secured in prison and that public interest in the case was far outweighed other factors.