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Wetangula’s bodyguard sacked after court gun drama

Nasa co-principal Moses Wetangula’s bodyguard has been dismissed from the National Police Service after an altercation at Supreme Court on Monday.

Constable Simon Lonyang’, who served at the General Service Unit, was disarmed and arrested after a bitter confrontation with Central police chief Robinson Thuku who tried to restrict him from entering the court compound with a pistol contrary to a no-arms-beyond-this-point poster.

Constable Lonyang’ and other bodyguards did not also have the accreditation badges that had been issued before the start of the hearing of the petition filed by Nasa leader Raila Odinga.

Mr Wetang’ula insisted that the officer should be allowed into the court premises saying “these are our security. He is an officer like yourself. Behave yourself. This boy is an officer like you”.


The officers manning the gate allowed them to enter, but moments later, Mr Lonyang’ was forced out and his pistol was taken away.

The pistol’s magazine, which was loaded with several bullets, was emptied.

PC Lonyang’ was then taken to the Central Police Station where he spent the night in the cells.

The Nation has learnt that PC Lonyang was on Tuesday morning taken to the GSU headquarters where he was issued with dismissal letter.

He was later returned and locked up at the Central Police Station.

He will be arraigned in court on Wednesday to answer to charges of creating disturbance.

Watch how the drama unfolded: