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What became of Sonko Rescue Team?

Is the Sonko Rescue team still operational? That is the question many city dwellers are asking.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s answer is an affirmative yes. Sonko insists that all was well within the four three-month old project he personally launched to offer free services towards Nairobi residents.

“Those suggesting the rescue team is no longer working are our enemies. Infact, I am just from Dubai, where well wishers have promised to donate 10 more ambulances and six fire engines towards,” the politician told Nairobi News.

“When I work, they question my source of wealth and when I assume a low profile, they allege I have gone bankrupt. I am used to this,” he added.

The popular politician launched this ambitious project, consisting tens of workers and vehicles in March, with an intention of offering a variety of free services to Nairobi residents including ed healthcare, water, fire response unit, breakdown and ambulance services.


A spot check by Nairobi News however confirms that although the team is still operational, it isn’t as vibrant as it initially was.

A spot check on its website for example, shows that the last piece of “rescue work” was updated almost a month back.

Our team also called out to one of the numbers displayed on the website and placed in a request to “assist supply water in Umoja estate”.

The customer care lady claimed to have noted down the request and promised to get back at us. She however had not done so 24 hours later.

Within its existence period, the team has had to battle threats of being impounded by the Nairobi County Government on the basis of existing illegally.

The Red Cross also ordered the team’s management to remove the red cross on its ambulances, while Sonko also sacked the team’s supervisor whilst alleging sabotage and insubordination.