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What ‘excuse’ did your partner offer to end the relationship?

Life in Nairobi can be a daunting experience where a walk down the Central Business District (CBD) is met with shouts from hawkers and touts and devious businessmen waiting to pounce on their next victim.

Then there is also the small matter of motorbike riders and motorists who struggle for space on the road with pedestrians.

But what is perhaps equally dramatic for Nairobians is the growing list of relationships that end as soon as they begin.

One netizen recently inquired on Facebook about the excuses offered by dating partners when they wished to end the relationship.

“What’s the craziest excuse someone gave you because they did not want to continue with the relationship?” she posed.

As expected other members of the group joined in the conversation by sharing their own personal experiences.

“Naona (I see) my ministry can’t contain ‘us’. It’s like we have different interests. Church girls, woi ma,” said one online user.

Ati mamake hataki aoe mtu ako na watoto na mwanzo alisema mamake hawezi mcontrol, nikimwambia tuombe pamoja mamake aitike akakataa (He says his mother cannot allow him to marry someone who has children),” wrote another online user.

“Nlipewa break kwanza but shida ni mtu anakuja tu kwa nyumba na asemi (I gave relationship matters a break but he keeps coming to my place with letting me know in advance),” commented one online user.

“My mum told me I can’t Marry a kikuyu,” stated another online user.

“That their mom said they cannot marry from another tribe other than theirs!” claimed one online user.

“Choose me or your job, obviously siezi lenga job coz of love (I cannot stop working because of love),” Remarked another online user.

“Ati mamake hataki mtoto ya single mother, Hahaha hiyo nugu imeoa twice wakienda (he told me his mother doesn’t want him to marry a single mother and yet he has been married on two occasions before),” Said one online user.

“Ati I was told by my grandma we are distance cousins,” Commented another online user.

“I can’t stay with a career woman,” said one online user.

“You are a good person, you deserve someone better …shit,” wrote another online user.

“Eti nashinda kwa simu sana sina time take (he told me I am always on my phone and don’t have time for him),” said another online user.

“Kulamba box ya yoghurt in public….jamani was I supposed to throw away hio carton bila kusafisha….aaaiii (he accused me of licking a yorgut box, I was supposed to throw it away without cleaning it),” explained one online user.

“That I don’t know how to cook mrenda shenzi sana (I don’t know how to cook traditional vegetables)” stated another online user.

“Ati siendangi kanisa (he says I do not go to church),” said another online user.

“His brother told him to focus on his education. 33 year old man smh,” said one online user.

“Ati I am too childish coz of the things I post aki memes ziliniletea shida…na bado sijaacha,” said another online user.