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What Gov Mutua did to man marooned by floods will warm your heart

December 16th, 2015 2 min read


A herdsman who was marooned by floods for nearly five hours in Mwala was rescued by a helicopter hired by Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

Mr James Kyalo Musau was grazing his cattle on the banks of Athi River in Nduluku Village. The river began swelling around 1pm on Monday, forcing him to move to higher ground where he was trapped.

Mr Musau said he waited for the water to subside but the levels continued to rise and he shouted out aloud for help. County officials alerted Dr Mutua who ordered that a helicopter be dispatched to rescue him.

“I thank the governor and his government for the efforts to rescue me. May God bless him,” said Mr Musau.

Despite the heavy rains, the helicopter was able to rescue him around 5pm to the joy of villagers. Dr Mutua said Sh300 million has been set aside to help those affected by flooding.


In Nyeri County, residents of over six villages in Kieni West are counting losses after their livestock and crops were washed away by heavy rain.
At Kariguini Village, a resident, Mr Boniface Wahome said he found a dead cow on his farm.

“I woke up and found my crops had been washed away. As I assessed the damage on my farm, I found a dead cow, which does not belong to me,” he said.

Mr Wahome said it must have been swept away by the rains. He blamed the flooding on the poor state of Ruai Dam that has no outlet.
Another resident Ann Keo said she was looking for her missing goats and a rabbit.

“We really anticipated the rains because we live in a dry area, but they have now taken away our livestock,” she said.

Mr Charles Muraya, a resident whose house was flooded, told the Daily Nation that they have never experienced such destruction.

“It’s now 10 years since we had such a downpour, this time the destruction is worse. I have to seek shelter elsewhere since my house looks pathetic,” he said.


In Transmara, a 53-year-old man drowned on Tuesday while attempting to cross the flooded River Ramasha in Transmara West.

Acting area police boss Charles Ouma said Mr Kepha Ratemo, a charcoal dealer, had finished the day’s business and was on his way home at Ramasha in Kisii County when he drowned.

Mr Ouma said the deceased’s phone and club were found on the river bank. He said police officers and residents are  searching for the body. Most bridges in the area have been damaged by the heavy rains.