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What is Mustapha really up to?

By JOHN MUCHIRI February 28th, 2014 1 min read

Rapper Mustapha could be fighting to keep his name in the limelight after being axed by Ogopa DJs last month.

He has posted explicit photos with socialite and former Big Brother contestant Huddah Monroe on the internet, sparking debate on whether he is dating her or not.

Mustapha, a former member of Deux Vultures, has confessed to Off the Hook that he is not sure which direction he will take after his record label of over 10 years decided to lay him off, together with other artistes.

“The truth is, we have a meeting with Ogopa but we are yet to confirm the date,” he said. “If they decide to get us back on board, it’s fine, and if they don’t, I will do whatever it takes to keep my name in this industry.”

Close friends have also confirmed that Mustapha is using Huddah to gain publicity and spark controversy as well.