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What is the fuss? The festive season from the eyes of a jaded Gen Z

By Janet Koech January 2nd, 2023 2 min read

The festive season is finally here!

This is a time when families come together, spread happiness, and catch up. Most families would prefer doing a number of activities to make the festive season memorable annually, it could be making plans for a vacay or just a day out on a specific day.

Some years ago, compared to now, Christmas itself and how it was celebrated is totally different.

I do not know if I am the only one who feels that Christmas energy and excitement fade with age, Gen Z either way does not know what they are missing and we can say for sure Christmas is not the same, especially after corona hit.

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Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Years ago, when we were younger, on the 24th, we could not sleep, we stayed up waiting for baby Jesus to be born, decorating our homemade Christmas trees, and fantasize how we would rock in our just-bought clothes that were probably bought in October, the next day we would go to church in our new clothes, meet friends and compare our outfits, later in the afternoon we would pass by a lot of our friend’s houses and eat.

Christmas at that time was basically about eating all kinds of foods.

For people living in Nairobi, KICC grounds and Uhuru Park was the place, people would go find a photographer and take a nice family picture then head to Uhuru park for some fun.

There were a lot of activities, including boat riding, picnics, and strolling around the beautiful scenery of the park. In this day and age, people rarely do that and if they do, then it is very different.

Nowadays, people do not give Christmas the specialty it deserves. To some people, Christmas is just a normal day just like any other, for the past two years, I have met people who just wake up on Christmas and continue with their normal day-to-day routine with no plans at all.

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We can all see that photographers currently are losing their value, mainly because very few people would take pictures and pay for them. Technology has advanced over the years and literally, everyone owns a smartphone, anyone going to KICC grounds or Uhuru Park would rarely need a photographer, they would just take pictures using their phones and make memories for free.

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Others would not even have plans on going to church, especially if Christmas is on a weekday.

They would probably make plans for the whole day regarding different places to visit and indulging in different activities excluding the church, going to church on Christmas was a tradition no family would afford to miss compared to now, it is considered optional.

Every family has their own ways of celebrating Christmas and making it memorable is all that counts, which is a good thing, despite the ways, enjoy it, take care and have yourselves a merry Christmas. Sadly, Santa comes once a year.

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