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What Kenyans are saying about JKIA’s Christmas tree

A Christmas tree, or what appears to be one, at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) has become an object of fascination to Kenyans on Twitter.

The tree found at the centre of the airports parking lot, looks more like branches of a tree plastered together to form a tall tower.

It is decorated with an assortment of Christmas decorations with gift boxes placed underneath the tree.

But it is how the tree looks like that has KOT rattled.

KOT could not believe that an airport of JKIA’s stature could erect a flimsy Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is a decorated tree that is normally used during the festive season celebrations.

Mainly cut off from pine or fig trees they are corn shaped with sprouting green leaves.

Here is what KOT had to say about the Christmas tree at JKIA.