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What Raburu’s ex wife had to say about his new hairstyle

Citizen tv presenter Willis Raburu’s estranged wife Marya Prude has finally opened up about the media personality’s recent move to change his look drastically.

The 10 Over 10 show presenter, who is now also a Gengetone artist, has been trolled on social media after he elected to plait his hair in contrast to the well-groomed version he had been known for.

But Prude, Raburu’s estranged wife, seems to support his new “best life” look.

The former Mrs Raburu posted on Instagram: “Thanks to everyone that tagged me. But hey! let everyone live their best life. If you know you know.”

Prude and the tv and radio presenter walked their separate ways immediately after they lost their first baby in December last year, and amid allegations of cheating by Raburu.

Raburu, on his part, has severally refused to comment on the allegations publicly, months after Prude moved out of their matrimonial home to live alone.