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What was the joke that tickled Uhuru so much which Ruto missed? – VIDEO

A video capturing one moment during the launch of the BBI report when President Uhuru Kenyatta was so tickled while his deputy William Ruto, who was seated right next to him, maintained a stoic expression, has been shared on social media.

Whatever it was that so amused the president must have been very funny.

The video, which was shared on Twitter by KTN news anchor Lindah Oguttu, captured President Kenyatta almost falling off his seat with laughter.

Funnily enough (pun intended), seated next to him is his deputy, who by his facial expression, clearly sees nothing funny in the joke that is tickling the president’s funny bones.

And as the president rocked in his seat with laughter, the DP maintained a tired, blank face.

The president was reacting to Suna East MP Junet Mohamed’s response to a statement made by Majority leader Adan Duale telling President Uhuru Kenyatta to not allow a section of individuals in the leadership to divide the nation.


In his view, he felt the matter risen by Mr Duale should be dealt with by the Jubilee Party during their party meetings.

“Your Excellency as your legacy you should not allow a section of the leadership and bureaucrats to sabotage and divide this country. They are in the civil service, they are in the political class, they are around you, they might be your friends, you must make it very clear that you are going to see this process with the rest of Kenya and not the political class,” said Mr Duale.

Which the Suna East MP replied, “Kitu ambayo iko kwa serekali ya Jubilee hiyo watatua peke yao, sisi hatuko ndani hiyo na yao.”

As you would expected, Kenyans on Twitter were left with all sorts of questions on the incident.