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What world leaders do on their spare time

Did you know that most of the powerful leaders of the world have hobbies? While what President Uhuru Kenyatta does in his free time has for long been a subject of speculation, other world leaders’ hobbies are well documented in the public domain.

Here’s a look at what some of the world leaders like to do:

1. US President Barack Obama – Obama is a huge basketball fan who is known to find time to play the game even during busy schedules. Apart from basketball, Obama also likes playing golf and scrabble. He’s also loves cooking.

2. Russian President Vladimir Putin – A keen sports lover, President Putin is a black belt in judo who has been practicing the sport since he was 11 years old. He believes that martial arts instill knowledge, abilities and skills that every politician needs.

Putin also enjoys horse-riding, scuba-diving and is a honorary member of biker gang Hells Angels. He has also driven a Formula 1 car.

3. British Prime Minister David Cameron – Like Putin and Obama, Cameron does take part in healthy pursuits like cycling and jogging. He makes a point of letting his political frustrations out on his tennis machine and also famous for his love for karaoke.

Cameron likes to have a spicy sausage pasta, a recipe which he contributed to a charity cookbook. His only favourite cuisines – in his own admission – are a big fry-up as well as a good roast and barbecue.

4. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel – She likes baking and cooking with her potato soup and beef loaf particularly a favourite for the few who been lucky enough to sample her culinary skills. On the other hand, she dislikes and fears dogs.

5. France President Francois Hollande – The French president likes sports too especially swimming, cycling and football. He appreciates American cuisine and also has a sweet tooth, with chocolate and pastries high on his favorite list.

6. China President Xi Jinping – Xi enjoys reading, martial arts, swimming and football. The leader of the world’s most populous country eats his breakfast before dawn.

7. South Africa President Jacob Zuma – Zuma once told a group of young children that he loved and enjoyed all sports particularly table tennis.

8. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe – Abe doesn’t like sports but has a heavy appetite for rice with miso soup, clams, leeks and fermented soy beans.

He has also stated that his favorite food has remained the same since childhood, Korean barbeque, ramen, ice cream, and watermelon. Abe is also known to sing Japanese folk songs.

9. North Korea President Kim Jong-un – The ‘bad boy’ of global politics could be infamous for his war-mongering nature, but whenever he speaks the world listens.

Jong-un love basketball and he has an obsession for former NBA stars Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. He has twice invited Rodman to North Korea.

10. Iran President Hassan Rouhani – Rouhani likes surfing the internet and reading academic papers. He also loves watching films, moreso historical movies.