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What’s all the fuss about ‘Tahidi High’ actress sharing a plate with her dog?

A close friend of Tahidi High actress Carol Mwaura alias Miss Goretti has rubbished claims that the thespian is mentally ill.

The claims were ignited by a viral video that showed the actress sharing a plate of food with her dog.

Speaking in an interview with Castro Media, radio presenter cum content creator Wambui Njihia, who took the video, dispelled claims of the actress being mentally ill saying she is strong-willed and has a strong personality to be easily affected by life.

“I took the video after our friend Shiku Gracious rallied me to do so,” Wambui said.

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Rubbishing claims that she is a fake friend if she could record ‘her friend’s downfall,’ Wambui said it is not the first time she has posted videos of the thespian.

“Carol is an actress and does funny things that I deem as content. If you check content on my TikTok you will see so many of her videos,” Wambui said, explaining that she posted the video in the wee hours just for fun.

“Waking up. I saw so many notifications. Upon opening the app, I saw it was the video I shared. Actually, I had 31,000 followers from 27,000,” she said.

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However, what Wambui did not anticipate were the mean comments.

“Some got the message behind the video since Carol was saying that it was better to eat with dogs than betrayers.”

Wambui revealed that she deleted some comments but they kept coming.

“When I called Carol to inform her, she was unaware of which video I was talking about. I really felt bad because I had caused my friend pain. However, Carol was unbothered and cautioned me against deleting it.”

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