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WhatsApp now lets you mute contact or group chats forever

One of the most annoying things about WhatsApp is that you can’t mute a contact or group chat permanently, as the messaging app only lets you mute chats for eight hours, a week, or a year.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp revealed that they were working to let you mute contacts and group chats forever.

Frequent leaker WaBetaInfo has revealed that the ‘always mute’ option is now available in version of the app.

The feature replaces the option to mute a chat for a year.

According to the tipster, this isn’t the only new feature on WhatsApp- a redesigned storage management page is being pushed out as well.

The new storage management menu will offer a more granular look at what’s taking up space on your phone.

Some of the more notable ways it does this is by showing large/forwarded files and suggesting files for deletion. But the legacy ability to view storage consumption by chat is still here too.

These new additions join several other new features which WhatsApp has rolled out this year, including more participants in video/audio calls, advanced search functionality and a dark mode.