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WhatsApp upgrade to make it easier for users to catch up with missed group messages

Messaging app, WhatsApp is rolling out a series of helpful features to boost the Group Chat experience.

The new version of the app for iOS and Android enables groups to add a description setting out the purpose, guidelines and topics for the group chat.

“When a new person joins a group, the description will show up at the top of the chat,” the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

WhatsApp has become the go-to messaging service for many, offering simple cross-platform chat for over a billion people worldwide.

Groups are an essential part of the service and the reason many users turn to it.


The company has also introduced protection so users can’t be repeatedly added to groups they’ve left.

There are also new admin controls that restrict who can change items like the subject, icon and the description.

WhatsApp is also adding a participant search tool, which makes finding individuals easier.

To save one from rifling through all of them to find the relevant message, WhatsApp has introduced a new @ button in the bottom right corner which instantly shows you any replies to messages you’ve sent, or any specific mentions.

Group admins will also now have greater control over the chat by restricting who else in the chat is able to change the group icon, subject and description, as well as being able to remove admin privileges of anyone else that no longer needs them.