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When baboons sent University students scampering for safety – VIDEO

By Chad Kitundu November 18th, 2019 2 min read

A video clip has emerged showing some students of Multimedia University scampering for safety after a troop of baboons disrupted their game of basketball.

The clip, which was uploaded on social media on Friday immediately went viral, shows the students tossing balls up and down the court only to take to their heels after the animals begin charging towards them.

Apparently, this not the first time that the primates have interrupted students’ activities, according to some tweeps.

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, baboons sleep, travel, feed, and socialize in groups averaging 50 members.

These groups usually consist of seven or eight males and about twice as many females and their young ones.

The family unit of females and juveniles forms the core of the troop.

Online, the video attracted humorous comments and reactions.