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When men tell short stories

One would think that since most men have grown up wearing shorts, getting the look right in their adult years would be a breeze, but when it comes to nailing the look, many come up short.

There’s a reason hotels have a polite notice at their dining areas imploring men to dress up for dinner.

Most men own a pair of Bermuda shorts that is tucked away somewhere awaiting Coasto.

When trips to the Coast are planned, the bright shorts are removed from their hiding place, lovingly folded and placed in the suitcase to be worn every day and everywhere.

Short shorts and tight shorts may look awesome on some women, but on men they are grounds for life as a social outcast.

The only exceptions concern athletics; like when you are running a marathon, or wrestling. 

Right choice

They can also be used at the gym but only if one maintains decency laws and leaves a lot to the imagination. 

Baggy shorts and cargo pants are not flattering on anyone. Unless one is a goffer on a film set, what on earth would you need all those pockets for?

Choose shorts that are dark and in solid colours such as navy blue or jungle green.

If you must lighten things up, then khaki and white (if you own a yacht) are safe options.

Shorts should fall to the knee, or just slightly above the knee. Bikers are not shorts so please wear them in the Tour de France.


Accesorise shorts with casual shirts, or polo shirts. Loafers work best with shorts, as so do sandals, so get out your best pair and make sure your feet look decent.