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When police officers flopped in their efforts to arrest city revellers

Police officers attached to Kilimani Police Station are on the spot over allegations of harassing revellers at Buffet Park in Hurlingham.

In an amateur video that is making rounds on social media, the officers stormed the joint before 7pm and started harassing customers.


In the video, three police officers are seen having word with two individuals who are believed to have been part of the revellers at the joint.

“You should be serious, what is the time?” one of the men is heard asking the officers.

Another one goes ahead and tells the officers that they do not have a right to arrest them at all costs.

He then tries to send away one of the police officers saying that he is not welcome to a conversation he is having with one of the police officers.

This angers one of the officers who raises a stick he is carrying but the man warns him not to try anything.


The man then makes it clear that they have not committed any crime and the police should also be considerate enough.

It remains unclear why the police were planning to arrest the revellers.

In light of the restrictions imposed to slow down the spread of Covid-19, the government has allowed restaurants to open with strict conditions.

In addition, the police are supposed to effect curfew orders as from 9pm to 4am for the next one month.

However speaking to Nairobi News, Nairobi County police boss Philip Ndolo said that anyone who is found inside a club past 5pm is breaking the law and will be arrested.

“There is no discussion about it, anyone who is found inside a pub past time will be arrested. Action will also be taken against the management,” he said.