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When two ‘bulls’ fight over a woman, here’s how she suffers

By Winnie Mabel January 17th, 2024 2 min read

Let me tell you Maina, when two men begin toeing each others’ line, drama ensues- but neither of them gets hurt. It’s the woman they are fighting over that bears the brunt of it all.

See, some men will go to extreme lengths to prove they are better and more dominant than the other guy showing interest in the same woman as them.

Sometimes, this may result in heightened aggressive and intimidation behaviors; and literal competitiveness in physical strength or achievements.

All these may lead to situations where rational thinking is chucked out the door and poor decision making checks in. It no longer becomes about who can win over the woman but ego and who can be better at it.

And in this, the woman begin suffering- whether visibly or invisibly.

Visible suffering

The first thing you will notice about a woman struggling with two men fighting over her is her change in behavior. Some women enjoy this kind of attention but there are many who loath it and don’t like the embarrassment that comes with it- being perceived to be a woman who ‘enjoys seducing’ men and watching them fight over her. This embarrassment will cause her to change her movement to avoid being around people who know what is going on and she will prefer to change her routine to save face.

In the event these two ‘bulls’ have a physical altercation, the woman will now fear for her safety. She will go to extreme measures to protect herself including changing houses if they knew where she lived, change her movement routes and phone numbers; and in some cases, involve law enforcement authorities.

At some point, she may get too paranoid about her safety and resolve to avoid men altogether. Her relationships with the opposite gender will change. For instance, her social circle will be sifted to reduce the number of men included and she may begin keeping male colleagues at arms length even if they have nothing to do with her personal problems.

Invisible suffering

While love triangle may be fun for some women to keep their lives interesting and make them feel valued and wanted, women who hate these triangles end up suffering some sort of mental issues- made worse when the fighting ‘bulls’ do not see the consequences of their competitiveness.

The women will begin feeling like an object rather than a human being with warm blood running in her veins. Her emotional distress will shoot through the roof because she may end up being blamed for their bad behavior, people will perceive her as a flirt and society may end up pressuring her to make a decision and pick one among the two ‘bulls’ even if in the end she does not want to be with either of them.

This makes her lose her independence as a woman who has her own mind to make decisions best suited to herself. She will be left in a stressful position that will end up impacting every other aspect of her life.

So while the two men are showing off their strength, it is the woman who ends up suffering because ‘when two bulls fight, it is the grass suffers.’