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Where are all the good men? Kenyans can’t agree on how to identify one

In a world where relationships begin and end in a speed of lighting, could women still hope for finding that perfect man?

Well, one woman believes that ‘perfect’ men still exists – the question is how to find them.

Maureen Akinyi, as she calls herself on social media, outlined a number of attributes that characterise this ‘extraordinary’ man.

They included waking up at five, making his own bed, cleaning his room does not drink, helps in the kitchen among other things.

“A perfect man wakes up at 5, exercises every day, makes his own bed, cleans his room, works sincerely, does not touch alcohol, helps in kitchen, does not indulge in night life, is punctual, prays every day, reads, hits bed at 9. Where do find them?” wrote @MaureenAkinyi.

Ms Akinyi’s idea of a perfect man attracted a variety of reactions from Kenyans online who were mostly not in support of her comment.

“You have found him already. The man is in your head. You have created him with your imagination,” said @owenhabel2.

“Akinyi, you long for a perfect man but your soul longs for a broken one (the type you can fix!) The problem with sisters is their inability to understand their inner disfunctionality. Perfect the ideals you desire in a man and the man will find you!” wrote @jmatara02.

“They are housed and work for the government and are found here ~>Kamiti, Industrial Area, Shimo La Tewa, Kodiaga,” commented @SandroTangut.

“Such men are lazy and ineffective in bed, are you ready for such men,” stated @MKarbat.

“I promise you wouldn’t get this kind of man… kwanza io ya make up your bed we do it after work,or weekends,” said @mutwirigdfr.

“Hii yote tulijaribu but we wre told good girls love bad boys,” said @omutolii.