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Where is Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer? Akothee responds to fans

In April, Akothee’s wedding to Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer caused quite a stir.

However, a month after the wedding, her husband has not been seen anywhere, leaving fans curious as to his whereabouts.

Akothee is currently in Switzerland visiting her children and seeking permission from her third baby daddy for her two sons to attend her second wedding.

On 15 May, Akothee shared a post reflecting on her recent wedding to Denis Schweizer, now affectionately known as Omosh.

She expressed her joy and mentioned that she never expected to have another beautiful wedding like the one she just had.

She humorously added that every wedding she has in the future will also be unique.

While in Switzerland, Akothee posted a message saying, “Respect my co-parenting skills. Before we came here, we had so much drama with casualties, but we survived. Don’t blindly copy me.

One of their fans, Mirie Nahoxy, asked: “Baby daddy this, baby daddy that, children this, children that, where is our in-law? Where is he?”

Akothee replied, “Mirie Nahoxy, his time will come, [I’m] still a parent”.

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Amidst all the excitement surrounding the wedding, Akothee revealed that there was some unfinished business.

The couple hadn’t got around to opening their presents because Akothee’s husband had to return to work after a short two-week break.

As a result, their honeymoon had to be postponed due to time constraints.

Feeling the pressure of time and wanting to start a family, Akothee confessed that they hadn’t been able to conceive yet.

She attributed this to stress and decided to prioritise her love life.

Akothee shared the advice of her doctor, who warned that getting married can take a toll on the body and potentially affect fertility immediately afterward.

She admitted to feeling disappointed when her period arrived and realised that the doctor’s prediction had come true.

Akothee’s second wedding will take place on 10 July 2023.