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Where is our money? Elani asks MCSK


Kenyan Urban Afro band Elani have joined the chorus of local entertainers protesting non-payment of royalties by the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the group voiced their concern over the matter while demanding for an explanation from MCSK.

“For far too long the country have been quiet. Not speaking about the ills that cripple the music industry. Music is a job like any other. All artistes need to be paid their dues. We should not have to cry, protest, and beg for monies owed to us,” they wrote.

The band, which is made up of Bryan Chweya, Maureen Kunga and Wambui Ngugi, further posed a question to MCSK asking:

“If radio stations always pays, if banks, if taxi owners, if bus owners and matatu owners, if salons and kinyozis, and event organisers. If everyone gives money to MCSK, why isn’t it coming out? Where is it? Where did it go?”


In Kenya, all business premises that play local music are required to acquire a certificate from MCSK.

This is not the first time that Kenyan musicians are demanding their dues from MCSK.

In October 2015, Alex Apoko, popular known as Ringtone, mobilized other artistes to protest over MCSK’s alleged misappropriation of their royalties.

MCSK chief executive Maurice Okoth was subsequently arrested over fraud related accusations.