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Who is she? The phenomenon that is Miondoko Mistress

By Janet Koech December 20th, 2022 1 min read

The current trending dance move that everyone is talking about is the Miondoko Dance, and it has given rise to several trending personalities one of whom is Miondoko Mistress.

The Miondoko mistress is a young, beautiful, confident, and talented Somali lady who has taken the internet by storm with her unique hype towards the viral dance style.

Her real name is Tashrikan Shakwan Lucita. She went viral after her video dancing to Rico Gang’s Miondoko dance music video hit the interwebs.

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Kenyans were impressed with her dance skills and showered her with praise.

However, the Miondoko mistress also had to deal with trolls. In a past interview, she said that she deals with negative comments by simply disregarding them.

Also she added that she takes some of the constructive critisim by netizens to improve her moves.

“I never concentrate on  the negative side of opinions, I focus on the opinions that give me the morale so that the next time I show up, I do so with alot of confidence,” she said in an interview with The Commentator, a popular vlogger.

Miondoko mistress has planns for her dance career and they involve popularising the dance move world wide.

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Check her out in the TikTok video below.


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