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Who is the owner of this abandoned car?

Residents in one of Nairobi’s estates have expressed concern after a damaged vehicle was abandoned in the area.

The area residents suspect that the car, a silver Toyota station wagon registration number KCD 468S, must have been dumped at Pipeline road, by thugs who probably got involved in an accident after hijacking it.

The vehicle has been on the same spot for the past five days with no one coming to either claim or attend to it, according to one of the area residents who spoke to Nairobi News on social media.

The vehicle that has been laying unattended for days in a residential area in Nairobi. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS


“Anyone with an idea about the owner of this vehicle please get in touch with him/her… It had an accident on Sunday night and somebody just towed it next to our gate where it has been for 5 days am sure at the time of accident the person driving it was not the owner,” she said.

The concerned resident also claimed the matter has been reported at the Kiserian Police Station but so far no action has been taken.

“Before it was towed I found it at the main road where the accident had happened Monday morning,” the eye witness added.

The car has a damaged front bumper and left wheel, possibly from the impact of a collision which also forced the airbags come out.