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Who is to blame when you you accidently break something at a supermarket?

Should you pay or not when you accidentally break something at a supermarket?

This is the question that has created varied reactions on social media.

The debate was sparked by an online user in a private Facebook group. He chastised individuals who would break an item in a supermarket and not do what he claimed was the ‘right’ thing by paying for it.

He further suggested if the broken item made a mess the person responsible should also help the supermarket staff in cleaning.

“When you accidentally break things in the supermarket, be a good human and report yourself. If that created a mess, help clean up and God will always protect your utensils from careless damage by your nanny,” wrote one online user.

Well, not everyone agreed with him.

“Kama sijaonwa najitoa pole pole (if I’m not seen then I will not bother),” said another online user.

“I had to carry home a broken glass table coz my daughter accidentally brushed by it and it hit the next
paying for a broken shell at the cashiers was the most painful thing,” shared another online user.

“Niliangusha yoghurt ikapasuka (I once dropped a yorghuy can which got destroyed) but I was told not to pay for it,” commented one online user.

“I report myself??? Uliskia wapi?” asked another online user.

“Utaji report saa ngapi na wao hufika hapo wote hadi suppliers wa vitu na other customers (No need for reporting. The staff will surround you in one minute,” lamented one online user.

“Went to naivas kubuy roll on en ofcoz a few other things,i picked 2 en accidently nkaangusha moja hapo kwa shelve,,i was escorted to the cashier to pay for the damage,i was 8months pregnant yaani kuchoka nilikua nimechoka,”stated another online user.

“Only applies to tomato pastes or anything btwn 50_200bob.Wait until uangushe TV ndio utajua dunia haina huruma,” remarked one online user.

“Wueeeh me mtu asiponiona sijaangusha kitu mimi. Those people have no mercy. Utalipia tu all the same,” said another online user.

“I once dropped a tray of eggs and assumed. Venye walinikujia nkaruka nkasema sio mimi. When they went to confirm with cctv nlikua nishalipa vitu zangu nanimehepa. But makosa ilikua yao walikua wamezieka vibaya,” said another online user.

“Nilijireport pale Carrefour I was surprised nikiambiwa “it’s okay” I thought nitaambiwa nilipe,” wrote one online user.