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Who will blink first as city matatus prepare for Monday strike?

By HILARY KIMUYU November 11th, 2018 1 min read

Public transport in Nairobi will be paralysed from on Monday with matatu operators expected to withdraw their vehicles to protest the enforcement of Michuki rules.

The Federation of Public Transport Operators had said its members will withdraw their services nationwide starting Monday.

Chairman Edwin Mukabana said they have written to the Ministry of Transport seeking clarification on some of the requirements.

“We would like to advise our members to withdraw their services on Monday for the purposes of aligning our operations to the new guidelines,” said Mukabana.


The clarification which they want include charging vehicle owners for traffic violations, changing PSVs’ colour to white and replacement of speed governors including the ones that are serviceable.

“We are seeking dialogue with authorities on some unclear and discriminatory guidelines,” he added.

Their threats come after the government gave its strongest indication yet on its intention to reign in on an industry that has for decades operated on the fringes of law and order.

Starting Monday, in what may turn out to be a painful few days for commuters, matatu operators and insurance companies, a multi-agency task force will officially take up the mandate of bringing order to Kenyan roads that continue to claim lives over negligence and flouting of the law.


Public Service Vehicles and operators have until Monday next week to comply with the famous Michuki rules, to avoid the wrath of authorities.

According to National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) the crackdown on public service vehicles that have not complied with the ‘Michuki rules’ will continue on Monday.