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Why Abel Mutua’s wife Judy stopped managing comedian Njugush

Comedian Njugush and Abel Mutua’s family have been friends for several years.

During a recent interview on the Iko Nini podcast, comedian Njugush explained why he hired Judy Nyawira, Abel Mutua’s wife, to manage him and his wife Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye.

The father of two revealed that a few years ago, as a couple, they were overwhelmed by the number of clients they had and could not manage them effectively.

Recognising the need to take their work to the next level, they looked for someone to help them.

As Njugush was not well versed in digital content, they approached Judy, who was already working as a producer for Shamba Shape Up and was someone they were close to. They asked her to help them find someone who could do the job.

To their surprise, she contacted them to arrange a meeting in Garden City and revealed that she was interested in the job.

Abel’s wife agreed to work with them and help them restructure their approach.

Njugush says it was not just about the money for Judy but that she was passionate about their work and wanted to make a positive difference.

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Together they set up a company, developed a rate card, and created logos to streamline their work.

“For her, it was not about the money, but she wanted us to restructure what we were doing. After she came, we formed a company and we had a rate card and she also helped us to create our logos, I mean she streamlined our work,” said Njugush.

According to Njugush, when Abel started creating his own content in 2022, they decided to allow Judy to help him stabilise his efforts.

“Judy stepped down to do the heaviest jobs on our side and we had to bring someone else on board under her because she could not do it all,” Njugush said.

Although Judy was shy in the past, Njugush says she has since become wildly successful and now gets more gigs than her husband Abel.

Njugush says that despite the changes, the two couples continue to work as a team.

“Sharing ideas and working together has helped us grow and prosper as a team,” he said.

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