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Why actress Jackline Wolper dumped Bongo star Harmonize

Tanzanian actress Jackline Wolper has finally revealed why she broke up with Bongo Flava superstar Harmonize.

In a 50 minute interview at the On Air With Millard Ayo show, Wolper revealed in detail why her relationship with the Aiyola singer went sour.

Wolper says Harmonize had an ongoing relationship with a woman named Sarah behind her back who bought him a phone, chain and ring.

On her birthday last year, Harmonize posted a throwback baby photo of Wolper with a sweet message but deleted it the following day.


According to Wolper, Sarah had asked Harmonize to delete all her photos on his social media page (a condition of their continued relationship) but he only agreed to delete that one.

“Harmonize told her he couldn’t delete all my photos, only until after he released a song he was dedicating to me and that I would be featured in the video,” she told Ayo. The song is Niambie.

When Wolper returned to Dar es Salaam after a trip to Burundi, Harmonize had organised an intimate surprise party for her at a renowned hotel but the catch was, she couldn’t post the photos on social media.

Harmonize had told her that he wanted to release them a day before the video launch for Niambie to gain mileage on social media.


“At some point during the celebration Harmonize got hold of my phone and went through it to try and find anything that he could use to break up with me. He found old messages from an ex that weren’t even romantic. He overreacted and we broke up for a week.” she said, adding that Harmonize had told Sarah he’d left her (Wolper).

Wolper narrated that Sarah asked Harmonize to stop posting her photos, which he did.

Sarah sought to speed up a real break up and contacted Wolper, even sending her photos to prove she was in la relationship with Harmonize.