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Why age gaps must never hinder legitimate romantic connections

If any couple in Kenya is facing great cyber bullying and trolling in Kenya, it has to be gospel singer Guardian Angel, born Peter Omwaka, and his wife, Esther Musila.

See, this couple began dating and tied the knot in January 2021 but the focus on their relationship shifted to their great age gap, not their whirlwind romance. Guardian Angel married Esther when he was 32 years-old and she, 52-years-old. An age gap of 20 years. Mrs Musila Omwaka already has grown children who are her husband’s age mates from her previous marriage.

For months now, they have been clapping back at trolls who tend to ask them when Esther will conceive a child for Guardian or how she would feel if her son brought home an older woman with the intentions of marrying her. Let’s just say, their clap backs have always been spicy- never a couple to back down from going on the offensive to protect their relationship.

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In this day and age, age gap must never determine whether a romantic relationship can exist between adults. Note, I said adults…anyone below age 20-22 cannot make mature decisions and in my book, they still have capacity thinking of dependents.

It should especially a non-issue when the woman is older than her man. We cannot continue being a hypocritical society that looks on tolerantly as an older man dates and marries a young woman while older women are shunned for the same!

There is no universally accepted age gap for a couple to date and get married. This is a highly subjective mater depending on personal preferences and cultural norms. What should matter most in a relationship – regardless of an age gap the size of the moon – is the compatibility, mutual respect, shared values and emotional connection between the couple.

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Yes, some couples may prefer smaller age gaps while others actively look for those with larger age differences but the success of the relationship would depend on the aforementioned qualities, not the year one was born.

In fact, a big age gap could end up being more beneficial to the couple as opposed to a couple who are in the same age group and set. This is because the individuals in the relationship could bring diverse life experiences to the relationship.

The older partner can bring greater emotional maturity and stability to the relationship, the individuals can mentor and guide each other in terms of personal growth, finances and other aspects of life, a younger partner may feel less pressure to keep up with society and hit milestones because the older partner already experienced them and there is a unique excitement in such a relationship as they introduce each other to new ways of thinking and living.

So yes, it’s the heart and its contents that matter. Love. Not age. Because age is just a number.

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