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Why Akothee and Nelly Oaks broke up

Controversial singer Akothee has shared never-before-known details about her long-term romantic relationship with her brand manager, Nelly Oaks.

In an exclusive interview with TV47, the mother of five revealed she and Nelly were together for an impressive eight years, during which they shared an inseparable bond.

“If I was dating another man, he would have dumped me. I was dealing with so much. We were together for eight years, all day. He was there with me,” Akothee fondly reminisced.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks separated in 2022.

The 43-year-old singer heaped praise on Nelly for his unwavering tenacity, asserting that few men could withstand being in a relationship with her as he did.

She revealed that she experienced bouts of depression but firmly asserted that their breakup was not the cause.

Instead, she attributed her emotional struggles to various other factors that weighed heavily on her.

“In Nelly Oaks, I see a brother, a father, a friend. It goes beyond all these things that people say,” she reiterated.

The mother of five emphasized that their closeness has not had any adverse effects on her current marriage with Dennis Schweizer, also known as Omosh.

“When we went our separate ways, there were many things that caused us to be unable to continue. I was also going through a lot, but people don’t know that Nelly has been there for me,” Akothee revealed.

Before entering into her marriage with Denis Schweizer, Akothee was upfront about her past relationships and experiences with him.

“I usually have nothing to hide because I don’t want you to find anything to use against me. I will tell you all my past lovers, I will tell you all the roads I passed, I will tell you all the children I gave birth to,” she revealed.

This candid approach allowed Schweizer to make an informed decision about their relationship.

Akothee made it clear that she wanted transparency from the start, and those who couldn’t accept her past were better off leaving early on.

“I will tell you all my past men and I don’t wait for any man to eat my cake then I tell him about my past and my baggage. So that if he is leaving, he can do it early before.”

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