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Why Akothee can’t get female friends of her age

Self-proclaimed president of single mother’s singer Akothee has revealed why it has been difficult for her to get female friends her own age.

Through her social media accounts, the controversial songbird said it is not because she has not tried, but because most of the time jealousy has always gotten in the way. The friendship then turns to a competition.

“When they start as friends they become very open to each other, open their hearts and pour out their hearts to each other! Their emotions lie to them they are in love with each other ? when they realise the other persons have more than what they have! Mrs Jealousy aka competition gets its way in,” she wrote.

Not everyone is the same, she said, and women should accept the different strengths and capabilities that they have.

“They forget that, everyone woman have different strengths capabilities and different upbringing, different calculations, origin and destination ? every woman has a different way of seeing things, we can’t All be equal and it has never happened and will never happen! Women should understand the narrative of Breasts,” Akothee said.

“Any woman competing to be number one woman of all women is making a fool of themselves! There will always be another woman doing other things you ain’t capable of doing. In short we all have different strengths so Stop being the prefect in the circles of your friends, as woman, don’t hesitate to walk out of a group of friends that make you feel small. Ruuuun,” she said.

Since her debut in the music industry, Akothee has maintained a no nonsense attitude when it comes to friends and employees.

She has been known to call out her critics on social media using the famous phrase “call polis”.